Frequently asked questions

Is Petey the Pitbull a true story?

Petey the Pitbull is loosely based off the true friendship between our real Petey the Pitbull with three legs (who is also deaf) and our son who is on the Autism Spectrum. While our own Petey came to us through a friend, our family has adopted many animals from our local rescue shelters.

How did Petey lose her leg?

Petey didn't always have three legs! Before she came to live with our family, Petey had all four of her legs. Unfortunately, Petey was hurt by a neighbor at her old house and her leg had to be removed, but she overcame the slight setback and lives a happy, three-legged life!

Will there be more Petey the Pitbull books?

Yes! Petey the Pitbull is the introductory book of what will become a series about Petey the Pitbull, her boy, and how they both learn about new situations and live despite playing a little differently than everyone else.

What is Misplaced Mutts?

Misplaced Mutts is a North Carolina based animal rescue that recieves a portion of the profits of Petey the Pitbull book sales! Check them out on Facebook and Google!